PCM: New Opportunities Facing New Challenges

We welcome key industry players to present new and groundbreaking presentations at the event.
Please email to mkulakov@musthavents.com your abstract and make sure we consider your presentation asap.
Speakers line-up 2021
Natalya Dyomina
NPO Stekloplastic
Innovative fiberglass materials for polymer composites
Oleg Kornev
Experience of application of polymer composite materials in MGSU projects
Alexey Zakharov
Mashinostroitel Perm Factory
Manufacturing of aircraft engine units from polymer composite materials
Fedor Ulitkin
Composites of Russia
Background and Trends in Digital Materials Science
Svetlana Khashirova
Kabardino-Bakaria State University
Polymer materials in additive technologies: current state and development prospects
Kirill Stepanov
Composites of Russia
Background and Trends in Digital Materials Science
Sergey Tolstikov
Mashinostroitel Perm Factory
Polymer Composite Propeller Design
Denis Rudin
New Pipe Technologies
Market Analysis of Raw Materials from Consumer Perspective
ILya Kryzhanovsky
Composite Expert
Programme Moderator
Michael Kulakov
CIS Composites
Dmitry Oreshkin
Ekipage Technological Group
Topic is under discussion
Askhat Kuramshin
Unex Chemical Products
Raw Materilas Panel Speaker
Previous speakers line-up
Yuri Klenin
High performance composite structures for railway infrastructure and transport
Evgeny Mikhaldykin
Product Development for Construction Market
Rasul Bakhshaliev
Composite Industry Developments in Azerbaijan
Svetlana Nikitina
Novy Dom
Tinting for Composites. Features
Marek Scerba
Systems for transportation and construction market
Dmitry Oreshkin
Practice of usage of composite rebars as reinforcing skeleton of road-body concrete plates, designed with distributed foundations
Leonid Raikhlin
How to make the choice of gelcoat and resin for fire resistance composite based on russian building law
Paul Wartenweiler
Walter Mader
Advanced fire retardant UP systems for transport and construction
Svetlana Khashirova
Kabardino-Bakaria State University
High Performance Polymer Composites for Transport
Alexey Zakharov
Perm Plant Mashinostroitel
The effective technologies of sound absorption, based on application of composite puckered filler
Alexander Ermin
Сoatings Engineering
Flame retardant polymer matrix composites
Oleg Kornev
Experience of Application of Composite Reiforcement in Construction
Natalia Dyomina
NPO Stekloplastik
Improvement of sizing for glass fibers in order to regulate the interfacial binding in the fiberglass plastic
Sascha Huebers
Advanced Composites: Growing market or unattractive niche?
Vadim Mikrin
High Temperature Polymer Composites
Zoran Pavlovic
CIS Composite Resins Market Overview
Timur Suleymanov
Insulating inserts made of composite materials, for main steel pipelines and technological steel pipelines
Tomasz Fischer
AOC Aliancys
Composites: Present Technologies & Future Trends For Building & Infrastructure
Andrey Sharonov
New Basalt Fiber Production. New Opportunities
Vladimir Bannikov
Export opportunities for russian composite manufacturers
Alexander Beloglazov
Sergey Soloviev
Composite Russia
Value of Engineering in Composite Industry Development
Fedor Ulitkin
Moscow Composite Cluster
Practice of continuous implementation of composites in basic industry fields, exampled with an interaction in frames MCC
Azamat Tokhov
Composites & Small Business
Natalya Marchenkova
New Pipe Technologies
Raw Materials Market Analysis From the Customer Point of View
Vyacheslav Parinos
Criteria for Selection of Polyester Resins for FRP Manufacturing.
Roman Borisov
Composite Factory
Sponsor Presentation
Vadim Zadorozhny
TechnoPlast Engineering
Experience in the application of innovative composite light curing materials. A complex of protective, reinforcing and restorative functions. Chemical and Corrosion protection, isothermal insulation
Dmitry Polunin
Composite Car Exterior Parts Production
Mathew Rammo
New Shape of Polyester Resins Production in Russia
ILya Kryzhanovsky
Programme Moderator
Michael Kulakov

All papers must be non-commercial and focused on conference main topics. Use of tradenames must be avoided wherever possible.

Recommended time for presentation 15-20 min.